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Maailmas on vahepeal nii palju juhtunud, et mõneti nagu nadi tunne on olnud blogimise peale isegi mõeldes. Ma ei tea, kas keegi vajab teiste inimeste reisimemuaare, kui terve ilm püüab hoopis üleöö muutunud ühiskonnas uuesti oma kohta leida. Kuna ka minul oli pikk periood järgimõtlemiseks ja aja maha võtmiseks (olgu tänatud kodukontor, mis mind viimaks Hiiumaale metsa tagasi viis!), siis olen viimastel kuudel püüdnud hoopis vaikselt reisivideoid teha, mis kirjeldavatest blogipostitustest isegi rohkem räägivad. Eks ma võtan julguse kokku (hirmus on teha asju, milles veel eriti hea ei ole) ja hakkan neid vaikselt siingi näitama. Eesti suvi on mõnus, aga…

Egiptuse külad: Vaikne külatänav Sharqias

Egyptian villages

Before finishing my Egypt series for good, I still want to share a very special experience with you. When my friend Youssef heard about me coming to Cairo — and good friend as I am, I let him know about my trip to Egypt when I was already on the bus from Sinai to Cairo, — then he immediately started planning the ultimate Cairo plan for me and Nora. His enthusiasm was both utterly sweet and also slightly uncomfortable; when it comes to travel plans then both me and Nora can be quite some control freaks and Youssef seemed to want to plan our whole trip on his own. And that’s what he ended up doing anyway. But when...

Iisraeli-Egiptuse piir: rohkem jama kui asi väärt

Israeli-Egyptian border: not worth the hassle

Border crossings in the Middle East have become a total nightmare for me and sadly I must admit that there’s a good reason for that. Sadly the Israeli-Egyptian land border didn’t prove to be an exception. As I mentioned in my previous blog post , I had decided to not fly directly to Egypt, but enter from Israel via Eilat-Taba land border. And even though in general I was very satisfied with my trip to Egypt and to Sinai, I still regret entering from Israel. At least in the current political situation, I would not cross the Israeli-Egyptian land border again. The first stage of entering Egypt from Israel is relatively easy. The Israeli border guards were rather happy to see people entering the country. Nobody wanted to see my passport visa pages, we only paid our exit fee (about 25€ per person)...

Kiiged, põrandapadjad ja unenäopüüdja kohviku terrassil, mis avanes otse Punasele merele

Sinai peninsula - tiny paradise by the Red Sea

My first trip to Egypt didn’t start in Cairo, but in Israel instead. Personally, I’m a big fan of low-cost flights and usually I prefer to save money and waste time when I go backpacking. That’s exactly what happened this time as well. I decided to take the 50€ return flight and fly to Eilat, Israel’s resort town by the Red Sea. From Eilat, I planned to cross the land border to Egypt, straight to Sinai Peninsula. The plan had two huge downsides. Firstly, crossing the land border from Israel to Egypt meant that I was automatically banned from visiting other Middle Eastern countries using the same passport.

Egiptus: Päevareis Alexandriasse

Egypt: Day trip to Alexandria

Since our trip to Cairo was longer than anticipated, we didn’t really make it South to Aswan and Luxor. To make up for it, me and Nora decided to at least visit Alexandria before leaving the mainland Egypt. Alexandria is a city with historic significance on the Northern coast of Egypt, located by the Mediterranean Sea. The city was named after Alexander the Great, who founded the city more than 2000 years ago. Yet for me the most interesting part of history was the fact that...

Tänavapilt, taamal suur Egiptuse lipp

First impressions of Cairo

A few weeks ago I started my travel tales from Egypt by sharing one of the highlights of the trip — visiting a local countryside wedding and pissing out the bride. Well actually the whole trip was a huge success. We visit many places and had a lot of fun, traveled thousand of kilometres and even had time to take some time off and relax. Our first plan was to visit all of Cairo’s tourism destinations in just one day and then quickly leave the city. Egypt is a huge country and with a short trip as ours you need to put in a lot of effort to see everything in just 10 days. My first trip to Egypt promised to become the best planned trip of my life… until it all blew up in my face.

Valge minibuss linnatänavatel

Egyptian wedding: The time we weren't allowed to leave the wedding

As a short sequel, I will continue my story from March about the time I ended up at an Egyptian wedding.Namely, my local friends took us to a village wedding three hours from Cairo. Everything was nice until it started to seem that we had taken too much attention away from the bride (two European women with uncovered hair at an strict and conservative country wedding - we looked like intruders) and in solidarity decided to leave the dance floor so that the young bride could enjoy her spotlight. But the misunderstandings didn’t end there: it was past midnight and it seemed like a good time to return to Cairo, because the early morning we had to leave the city and travel to Alexandria by the Mediterranean Sea. However, our friends put on innocent smiles and announced that we would not be able to get Cairo...

Egiptuse pulm: kuidas ma pruudi välja vihastasin

Egyptian wedding: The time I pissed off the bride

Yes, I would like to say that these past few months have been dull, but a jealous Egyptian bride in my memories proves me wrong. Visiting a wedding during my trip to Egypt was a surprise for both me, the bride and in fact for everyone involved. I went to Egypt mainly to practice my Arabic. In addition to a nice field trip and some immigration troubles (thanks to my fun passport full of…rather unattractive visas), I also spent an extended time in Cairo with some local friends. That’s the charm of international life - even crazy cities like Cairo become bearable when familiar faces are driving you around and guide you through the most enthusiastic tourist traps. Anyway - the wedding!

Türkiisne India ookean ja selles paistvad kaljusaarekesed

Travel year 2019 and insight to the new year

I literally can not believe that we actually made it to the new year! I mean, the fact that time passes is not a surprise in itself, but the second half of 2019 seemed to fly by especially quickly. Despite being a rather rare visitor of my own blog, I still want to share my thoughts about the last year and make some conclusions. I’m sure I will get to elaborate about some trips in the following months as well, as I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell you about my most exotic destinations of the last year.

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