Susanna On the Go
Kiiged, põrandapadjad ja unenäopüüdja kohviku terrassil, mis avanes otse Punasele merele

Sinai peninsula - tiny paradise by the Red Sea

My first trip to Egypt didn’t start in Cairo, but in Israel instead. Personally, I’m a big fan of low-cost flights and usually I prefer to save money and waste time when I go backpacking. That’s exactly what happened this time as well. I decided to take the 50€ return flight and fly to Eilat, Israel’s resort town by the Red Sea. From Eilat, I planned to cross the land border to Egypt, straight to Sinai Peninsula. The plan had two huge downsides. Firstly, crossing the land border from Israel to Egypt meant that I was automatically banned from visiting other Middle Eastern countries using the same passport.

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