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Travel year 2019 and insight to the new year

I literally can not believe that we actually made it to the new year! I mean, the fact that time passes is not a surprise in itself, but the second half of 2019 seemed to fly by especially quickly. Despite being a rather rare visitor of my own blog, I still want to share my thoughts about the last year and make some conclusions. I’m sure I will get to elaborate about some trips in the following months as well, as I haven’t even gotten the chance to tell you about my most exotic destinations of the last year.

Päevad Harvardis

Days spent in Harvard

Although my Boston stories have been published as slowly as winter days at school go by, I still want to tell you how one of my bucket list dreams came true. So while spending my summer in Boston, I was lucky enough to visit Harvard rather often. Probably every young academician goes through the stage of dreaming of Harvard University, the universal symbol of education and elitism. It was definitely the dream of 15-year old Susanna and let’s be honest, it’s still the dream of 25-year old Susanna.

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