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Iisraeli-Egiptuse piir: rohkem jama kui asi väärt

Israeli-Egyptian border: not worth the hassle

Border crossings in the Middle East have become a total nightmare for me and sadly I must admit that there’s a good reason for that. Sadly the Israeli-Egyptian land border didn’t prove to be an exception. As I mentioned in my previous blog post , I had decided to not fly directly to Egypt, but enter from Israel via Eilat-Taba land border. And even though in general I was very satisfied with my trip to Egypt and to Sinai, I still regret entering from Israel. At least in the current political situation, I would not cross the Israeli-Egyptian land border again. The first stage of entering Egypt from Israel is relatively easy. The Israeli border guards were rather happy to see people entering the country. Nobody wanted to see my passport visa pages, we only paid our exit fee (about 25€ per person)...

Viisajutud: Pärast Iraani USAsse

Visa talks: USA after Iran

In many ways, this spring went by under the star of anticipation for me. In the beginning of 2019, I learned that I had been selected to participate in an academic summer program, sponsored by the US Department of State. However before the final confirmation, I had to go through quite a background check. This whole process — since the first congratulations from the US Embassy until I finally crossed the border in Boston — took around half a year. Half a year when I inevitably had to ask myself: is this where I come to regret my travels to Iran?

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